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    AE 2015 15.3 only recognizing 16 out of 32gb of RAM

    johnFlashStuffs Level 1

      Hi all. I did a search for this but couldn't find the specific information I need.  I'm using windows 7 with AE 15.3. I have 32gb of RAM installed, which windows recognizes.  However,  In the preferences window, under the "memory" tab, AE only recognizes 16gm of that RAM.


      edit: when closing all applications and viewing available RAM in PS, it still shows only 16gb available.


      How can I make it recognize all 32gb?  Thanks.


      UPDATE:  Oops, I figured it out for myself.  The version of windows 7 which I was using (win7 Home) has a RAM limit of 16gb.  To get it up to 32 gb (or higher) you have to upgrade to professional or ultimate.  This website has the info I used. Hardware Upgrade: Why Windows Can’t See All Your RAM