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      To install adobephotoshop on my laptop windows

      Because the first installation is on my iMac

      I often have to work simultaneously with the two computers

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          You install it just like you did on your iMac if you have a subscription. Subscriptions are not platform specific licence like Perpetual Photoshop licences are and the platform installs are different. While with a subscription you can and are allowed to install on both Mac and Windows it a single use licence using Photoshop on both machines simultaneously would violate your agreement with Adobe.  I believe  Adobe would not take you to court if you do.  Using both would make testing  add-ons you create for use on either platforms possible. If I were developing add on for both platforms I would use both simultaneously if I had a Mac.  I do not and I have had to add some code to my add on when I visited my son who uses a Mac.  While JavaScript works on both platform there are different convention between platforms.