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    Print Date in Header

    frankema Level 1

      Hi Folks,

      Since I have to do a lot of "klicking Work" with Scanned PDF, I was wondering if there is a posibility to maximum Automation.

      What I have to do with a scanned main document with appendices (in one document):


      1. OCR

      2. C&P a dynamic formular field out of a template named "Heute" (engl. "Today") -> Put this in Header on any page (I use the site spanning tool)

      3. open JS Editor -> document action -> "on print" and typ in the code:

      var f = this.getfield("Today"); f.value="Printdate:"+util.printd("dd.mm.yyyy",newDate());

      -> This works fine


      4. Safe and crypt it to "print only" rights


      Ok here is my Point: .

      For Point 1, 3 and 4 the "Action Assistent" (Aktionsassistent in ger.) works very well for me. So ist there a posibility to put in the formular field automatically, always on the same position? I can't find it in the options of the action Assistent.


      OR: Kind of a JS Code to generate such a field?


      Another Problem: If I try on Point 2, not to use the c&p field from the template but generate manually a new one with exactly the same conditions like the template, the code won't work. Why ?


      Thanks for help!