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    FlexBuilder Beta 3 - Bug report

      Hi all,

      First I'm sorry to post a bug report here, but I don't find any other place.
      I begin to use FlexBuilder a lot for my company furtur projects, but some bugs nnoys me :
      - the preference Hep\Use external browser is not is all the time reset to true if you close the builder
      - the preference Flex\Editor\MXML Editor\Autotmaticaly show design-related views is very good if you switch between the degin editor and code editor, bug it realy orrible if you switch between differents maximized AS code editors. Because it always return in normal state
      - when you create a new Flex Library Project, the folder you type in the Main Source folder is not created if you click on the finish button

      Else I've got some question about the Builder :
      - in the Flex Library Project again, is the html-template useful ?
      - is it possible to include sources in a SWC ?
      - is there any way to export html based documentation from AS classes like API reference docs ?

      Thank for reading this post.