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    Mobile Menu with Lightbox Widget small problem

    M_G6 Level 2

      Hello. Pursuant to Dani Beaumont's Essential Muse Training course on Lynda.com (see chapter 11), I've created a nice mobile menu with the Lightbox widget. However, when I click on a link in the menu, the link works but the menu stays open until I click the CLOSE button. I would like the menu to close automatically after the link is clicked on. How can I do this? I should mention that the menu links go to anchors on the page, and not to new pages. Thanks-

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          You can't, because an accordion is no menu, and accordions are working this way in HTML.

          I'd use a manual menu instead. This is widely configurable and can be set up with a similar appearance as an accordion.

          In this thread I posted some examples: https://forums.adobe.com/message/9646840#9646840 (Don't forget to resize the browser window in some of these examples to see the reactions.)

          You may also try to use a composition widget with only one target. You can set up a composition to close on leaving trigger and target.

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            ankushr40215001 Level 7

            Hi M_G6,


            Your issue about lightbox, not closing on rollout has been fixed with latest build Muse 2017.0.3.20.


            Could you please check Help>About Adobe Muse and verify the build installed at your end?


            It would also be nice of you for sharing the link to your site so we can also have a look at it.




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              Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

              https://forums.adobe.com/people/G%C3%BCnter+Hei%C3%9Fenb%C3%BCttel  wrote


              You can't, because an accordion is no menu, and accordions are working this way in HTML.



              M_G6  there are other ways... here are two options I sometimes use for mobile menu


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                M_G6 Level 2

                To everyone, thank you for your responses and suggestions, they are very much appreciated.


                ankushr40215001, here is the link to the test site: http://www.mbgrafix.net/shor

                This site is responsive, with three layouts and two breakpoints. There are desktop, tablet, and mobile breakpoints. The mobile menus can only be viewed in the tablet and mobile breakpoints. (You already know this next part, but for the sake of any other readers who don't know, you can of course either squeeze your desktop browser window width to eventually load the tablet view, then eventually the mobile view, or you can simply view them on your iPad and your iPhone.)


                The tablet view has a menu created with a composition widget, as per Dani Beaumont's training course on Lynda.com. The mobile view has a similar menu, but I built it in an accordion widget.


                Both of these widgets have the similar problem, in that, when a menu link is clicked on (or touched on a touch-sensitive mobile device), the menu remains opened. The desired effect would be for the menu to close, once a link is clicked on. Now, as I have experimented with these menus in other test sites, this is not a problem when the menu links take the viewer to a new page. However, as this is a "long" one-page site, all the links are to anchors on the same page, and therefore there is no refresh, and the menu(s) stays open. I want them to close once a menu link is clicked on.


                I checked my version of Muse, I am running your suggested version 2017.0.3.20. If you know of any way at all I can make either of these menus behave as I wish, I would be most grateful for that information. (I do acknowledge that some have stated that accordion widgets cannot function like this. But is there no hope for the composition widget, either?)


                I also have a more recent issue with the site. As of late, when I re-upload the files to the server, and refresh the page in my browser or mobile devices, the page will lot load at the top, but rather, it will load on the section I last viewed, such as, for example, a point mid way down the page. Now, if I'm in my desktop browser and I scroll to the top of the page, then refresh, the page loads from the top. However, this cannot be replicated on my mobile devices. When I refresh on my mobile devices, the page will load at the point I last clicked to from a link. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks again-

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                  I have a problem also, I want my menu to be a lightbox,

                  how I want the scenario to be

                  1. use clicks hamburger menu icon

                  2. light box menu appears

                  3. user clicks one of the links in the lightbox menu (the links are on the same page, so they're anchor links)

                  4. page goes to anchor and closes


                  My problem is that when the user clicks the link it goes to the anchor but the lightbox is still up, how do I fix this? I do know some code if that helps