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    Moving from a PC to an iMac when your pictures and Catalogue are in OneDrive


      Hi all


      A couple of months ago my 6 year old iMac failed and is now with other discarded Apple kit in the great scrapheap in the sky.  I was told to hold fire buying a new one as a new model was due out, so I loaded LR onto my new PC whilst I waited for the new model.


      It was not that hard to 'transfer' the pictures over as I keep all my photos in Microsoft OneDrive so all I had to do was synchronise the files onto the PC.  I did have one fail though, when I have finished all editing in RAW, I always export to JPG (easier to share), but as the catalogue was on my hard disk of the iMac, I lost all the edits. for all the files that were work in progress on my iMac and still in RAW.


      So..... this time when I created a new catalogue I put this on OneDrive too.  I hope this means that when I install Lightroom on my shiny new iMac I should not loose anything as all the 'done editing' files in JPG, the WIP RAW files and the (new) Catalogue are all on OneDrive.  Hopefully that all makes sense.


      Is this correct?  Am I deluded?