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    Correct settings for exporting jpg

    bunkieboy Level 1

      I'm exporting a collection of jpeg shot in light room five to a usb thumb drive so I can make paper prints at a store.Could someone kindly

      tell me the settings that will get me the maximum quality in a print for the following: quality, limiting file size, resolution and pixels per inch? Please give me numbers.

      Is there a default setting for all of them? That is to say, is there an average normal setting.

      I have no idea what number to use---whether I should put down 1000 for file size or what. Kelby's book doesn't seem to mention it.



      Al Marotta


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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, do not limit the file size - un-check this.

          Depending on the print lab you probably need to use a JPG. Set quality to 90%, select sRGB Color Space and you can leave Resolution at it's default of 240 (IIRC) as it doesn't matter when you tell the lab the size you want it to be printed.

          Un-check Resize to Fit and select Sharpen For Print.

          The lab will print the resulting file to the size you tell them.

          For more sophisticated labs, there is an advantage to use TIFF and AdobeRGB - but you need to make sure they know how to handle these files.

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            bunkieboy Level 1

            Thanks for your great help on this matter. It really helped to end an

            anxiety creating matter.


            Al Marotta