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    Can someone please confirm this bug (blending mode & anchored objects)?

    rjcaldwell70 Level 1

      I ran into what I believe is a bug just now, but would like confirmation.


      (1) Create text box and add a stroke (add inset or other formatting to make it look nicer if you like).

      (2) Insert text as well as an anchored object into that text.

      (3) Change the blend mode of the stroke of the text box.


      For me, in InDesign 2015.4 on a Mac, the anchored object is given the blending mode of the stroke as well. I would expect that to only affect the stroke, and none of the content within the box. The anchored graphic I'm inserting doesn't even have a stroke. I tried this in a new file with different content and got the same result.


      I'm hoping that I'm missing something obvious. I'd like to keep this with everything in neat, single, self-contained, and auto-fitting boxes. The effect I'd like is for the stroke of the text box only to blend (multiply) with a background.


      The workaround I'm considering is doing the stroke as an outer glow instead, but I'll have rounded corners.