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    Adjustment brushes?

    media kat Level 1

      After applying an adjustment brush to an image:


      1. is pressing New the correct way to save the changes from that brush and to choose another brush?

      2. after clicking new, some of the sliders do not seem set to the default settings of 0. I want to make sure that after applying one brush I can choose another brush without the previous settings affecting what I want to do next.


      Am I misunderstanding how this works?



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Q1.  a) click [New]     b) Press 'k' twice     c) click the brush icon twice


          Q2.  To reset the brush sliders to '0'-

          Open the Brush, Double-click on the word [Effect], Close the brush.  Now the brush will be reset to zero.


          Here is the interesting bit-  There are now two situations  a) & b)-

          a) If you open the brush and FIRST paint an area (maybe with the overlay visible [O] )  then SECONDLY change the sliders, then exit the brush, the brush sliders will be zero when next used.

          b) If you open the brush and set the sliders FIRST, then brush on the image, exit the brush, then the sliders will remain at the last used setting when next used.

          I think many would just double-click [effect] each time the brush is activated.

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            media kat Level 1

            For clarification, a workflow might be:


            a. select the Adjustment Brush

            b. double-click on Effect to reset all the sliders

            c. paint over the desired area

            d. adjust the desired sliders for that painted area

            e. select New or press k twice or click the brush icon

            f. double click on Effect to reset the slidiers

            g. repeat c, d, etc.