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    Need flash made


      What i'm looking at getting done is having a blank website, with a Body of text, if the user clicks letters in the correct sequence, it displays an image.

      So, for example, if the keyword is "hello" and the user enters H E Z, it beeps for every correct letter, then buzzes for incorrect, changes the keyword to something else.

      So there would be 3 keywords for example,


      If they get a letter incorrect, it randomly chooses another one of the words etc.

      It's like a cryptic type game leaving people trying to figure out whats going on. If they get the letters in the right order, it shows them never before seen screenshots of an uncoming game.

      Thanks in advance!

      you can contact me at stfu@sifomg.net
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          Brandine Level 1
          Hmmm... interesting, need more info tho. Any examples? Is this something you want for free?. And, is your email address for real? Wat is the "uncoming game"?

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            2m Level 2
            Actually this seems quite easy, but you don't tell us how you want to do it, or how far you have come on your own.

            It is usually very hard to help without some idea of your knowledge level.

            I'll try a hint so:
            Id built (dynamicly) the body text, and add a function to every letter, that transmits its (string-) value to an other function that compares the value with the one that is currently wanted.

            The interssting thing is what do you want your body text look like (can it look like a crossword-puzzle or does it have to be be "normal" text) and has every letter to be clickable, or just some.