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    Videos (.mov) from Live Photos Are Green


      Most (but not all) of the .mov video files imported into Lightroom as part of live photos show all green for all frames. The audio is intact in Lightroom. The .mov files play in the Finder and QuickTime. Other movies from my iPhone work in Lightroom; the problem is just most of the movie files separated out from live photos.


      I have previously turned on: Preferences > General > Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos, as per advice in the forums, as the only way to get (partial) support for Apple live photos in Lightroom. I have reset Lightroom preferences, which had no affect. I cleared the video cache (10 GB), which had the mild affect of switching some .mov files from displaying noise to displaying all green instead.


      System is recent iMac; internal stock HD (lots of space); iPhone 7+; OSes & Lightroom are fully up-to-date.


      Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this? I'd really like to keep these movies, as they are of special moments with my kids. (I have thoroughly searched Google and Adobe Support without any solution.) Thanks!!


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