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    Importing new photos into a directory causes a new subdirectory using todays date

    Dunc.F Level 1

      This is driving me nuts.

      I shoot and save soccer games by date so I know the match and can go back to the plays.

      Normally I will create a subdirectory under "Soccer" and create a new  Subdirectory named 2017-06-06.  I then try to import my new images for that date into that directory.

      What Lightroom does is create a new subdirectory under 2017-06-06 dated the day I was doing the importing.


      How can I avoid this behaviour?

      I am running Lightroom CC  version 2015.10.1 on a Mac




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          richardplondon Level 4

          Towards the top of the Destination panel, in the Import dialog, there's a drop down menu "Organize".


          If you want to yourself select an exact destination folder, each time, then it's best to set "Organize" to "into one folder". This disables the option immediately below, which has to do with auto-filing of images by LR.


          (You can use the "into subfolder" option at the top, as a quick way to create and name a new subfolder of the selected existing one, to contain this current import.)


          OTOH what I and many others do, actively wanting LR to make date-organised folders for me, is select a standard consistent parent folder which does not differ each time I import pictures. Then each import's pictures are automatically filed and accumulated into a systematic scheme of subfolders, by virtue of Organize being set to "By date" - and selecting and then sticking to, a particular date arrangement.


          It is possible to have a date arrangement which uses the date of capture, not of import. That might serve very well, in your situation, since this is what you are interested in. After importing, a given auto-dated folder can then be renamed (within LR is best) if desired, e.g appending some text describing the event so as to assist with searching. Personally, I operate a pure YYYY/MM/DD setup "hands free", but batch characterise the individual pictures of each import with keywords instead. Keywords have various advantages, including that they will later show up in exported copies, also that when arbitrary photos are presented in a Collection rather than by folder, that info still remains readily visible per image.


          If a given import batch contains images taken over various days, then if properly set up, the right various folders are made as necessary to file those into.


          (BTW the "into subfolder" option is not so useful in this case, since it operates at the parent level of, rather than - as I think would be more logical - at the child level, of those auto created date folders.)


          It's either one way, or the other. You just currently have this Organize option set, to suit an approach that you are not using.

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            Dunc.F Level 1

            Thanks Richard!!

            I totally missed seeing that dropdown box