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    Moving Lightroom to a new computer


      I have lightroom CC installed on my old iMac.  I have all the photos in Dropbox (so that I can look at my photos on other devices (not via Lightroom) and so that they are backed up.


      I just purchased a new iMac.  I synced my dropbox to my new computer and my pictures are now on my new computer.  I downloaded Lightroom CC on my new computer and (I believe) I clicked on "File > Import Photos and Video...", found my parent folder in dropbox and clicked on it.  It took about an hour (I have close to 40,000 photos).  When I was making sure that everything worked, I noticed that a majority (probably 95%) of my photos didn't have the Keyword Tags that I did and the location info on them.


      I then started over.  I deleted the photos from lightroom.  I then clicked on "Finder > Macintosh HD > Users > marknovom > Pictures > Lightroom" then I double-clicked on Lightroom Catalog.lrcat.  Lightroom opened, but the photos weren't there (I didn't expect them to be).  I then (I think....again, I can't remember what I did) imported the photos again (again, it took about an hour to load them all in).  Again, a lot of the keywords aren't there, and now I'm noticing that there are definitely pictures missing.


      Can someone help me?  Am I crazy to keep my photos in Dropbox?  Does that have anything to do with it?  I'm assuming I'm missing something simple....


      Are there Adobe technicians that can "take over" computer while speaking on the phone with me and transfer for me?


      Thank you,




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