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    Watermark in Lightroom Mobile


      How do I get my watermark on exported photos after editing in Lightroom Mobile? I can't find it anywhere and it should be a basic feature of the app that I pay $9.99 a month for.

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Jake,


          LR Mobile has an ever-increasing feature set, but it doesn't include watermarks at the moment. You have a couple of choices:


          1. Add your watermarks with the desktop version of Lightroom, which is a much bigger part of your subscription;

          2. Create a Watermark in Photoshop (also included in your subscription), add it to your CC Library, and use LR Mobile to export Photoshop Mix to add the watermark as a layer.


          The second option is cumbersome, but it's an all-mobile workflow (Once you have a watermark saved).


          I hope this helps,


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            I run a wedding studio and want to use LR mobile collections for client proofing. I need a watermark to protect my work from screen grabbing. How is this not a huge priority. Now I'm paying for a $8 monthly subscription to EVLAA LR plugin service just to get that watermark. C'mon Adobe help your photographers protect their work!!!! Also weirdly the other comment on this is from another Jake. Hi other Jake ; )