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    PS CC 2017 Update Causing Major Issues


      I updated to CC 2017 last night and since I've done it I have MAJOR issues.  When I can get PS to open, it takes about 45-50 seconds to do so.  Saving a .psd has stalled at 27% & 99% numerous times.  I have to do a force quit and reboot my machine and lose all changes.  The spinning beach ball is a regular occurrence at every step.  It is PAINFUL.


      I uninstalled and reinstalled the program (with reboots in-between).  Currently when I try to open PS, the icon bounces in my dock for several seconds and then stops.  Nothing happens, nothing opens.  Right click to force quit does nothing.  I'll have to reboot again to get it to do anything.


      I literally was running fine last night on 2015 and now have spent hours trying to fix this. 


      Running: Macbook Pro from 2011
      Sierra 10.12.516 GB RAM

      92 GB of 240 GB memory available