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    Shader.start crashes browser randomly


      I am working on a Flex project that uses about 5-10 pixel shaders. I am running into a problem where I see intermittent browser crashes in ShaderJob.start. I always run the shaders synchronously and the code executes fine many times but eventually it crashes. It doesn't always crash in the same shader and more over if I just run a single shader over and over again, the browser won't crash. The crash seems to happen only when I use several shaders in combination but as I said before not all the time. The crash seems to be an AV (null pointer access) but I just get a browser crashed window, no Flash callstack, etc.

      I have attached a sample shader and Flex code that calls it. The rest of the code in the projects follows a similar pattern. I am using BYTEARRAY because I need the floating point precision and some of the code using negative values.

      I use Pixel Bender 1.0 with Flex 3.2 SDK targetting Flash Player 10.

      I was wondering if there are any known issues that might be related to what I see or if anyone has any suggestions on how to debug the problem.