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    "Renew your subscription"


      Could someone official please check my Creative Cloud subscription?


      I get “renew your subscription” messages after installing a new client (fresh windows, no prior Adobe installations). There is one device license available and the new client is shown on the team management site deployment pool after the first start of AfterEffects so communication must be ok. I think that there is something wrong with our subscription on Adobes servers because it’s the first new installation after actually renewing our subscription in December 2016 (12 months).


      I’ve tried to use the support chat but the guy on the other side told me that he couldn’t help me. I’ve no interest to engage a telephone marathon. I simply want things to be fixed. Eventually needed data can be provided by E-Mail etc. to official staff.


      Client message:




      I use the cloud packager to create installation packages but shouldn’t there be Apps to “install” (and not only “preview”) in the creative cloud app?


      The number of clients elevates from one to two after renew popup has opend so the client is registered: