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    AE - Replace placeholder with footage depending to in and out points



      i have a question - maybe so easy - maybe not possible.


      I have a comp in ae with some solids with a couple of keyframes, so animated placeholders (fullscreen - full hd).


      Now i import a real footage clip and want to replace the placeholder with the imported clip.


      BUT not the entire real footage clip, i just want to have the clip start at a certain time, so with an in point and end after a certain time, so with an out point.


      Now, when i replace the placeholder (solid) with the clip (footage) i have sill all the keyframes, so far, so good, but the clip start with the very first frame from the clip it self, that is not what i want.


      So in fact, i replaced the placeholder with the whole clip (duration), but again i just want to have the middle part of the realfootage clip, so the in and the out with keeping the keyframes and the entire animation of the placeholder (solids).


      How can i shorten the clip and than replace or how can i replace with in and out points from a clip in after effects without to tweak the keyframes after replacing.


      How can i do that?


      THX and regards.