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    Delete Adobe Digital Edition


      I was on the chat with your support for a request about deleting my Adobe Digital Edition and they told me to write a post in the forum.


      In another post I can see that people get a personal message concerning this.


      Please contact me about deleting my Adobe Digital Edition account.


      I was trying to find an online account deletion feature and thereby creating an Adobe ID. Please delete the Adobe ID as well.

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          You have to use the support chat. I did it yesterday. My initial question was about adding ascm files to the ADE library that does not work for me. The agent told me to ask the forum...

          Next I asked him to delete my account. It was really annoying :-( It took over 30 minautes. I had to request the agent several times to delete my account. And it looked to me he wasn't really interested in doing so. So stay firm...

          Than it will take about 1 week until your account will be deleted.