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    Doesn't the Adobe panel see wanted blur?

    DAS Photography Level 1

      I posted an image, "New Sneakers" / "My New Sneakers". The first rejection was the Logo. I removed the logo as requested and resubmitted the pic.

      To my surprise, it was rejected completely because of the blur. First question, WHY wasn't this mentioned in the first instance?


      The blur was intentional!

      I used a large aperture so that nearly all the right-hand shoe (from the wearer's point of view) was in focus, whilst the focus dropped off continuously towards the left-hand shoe.


      My New Sneakers.jpg

      Am I wasting my time with Adobe Stock? Strange, Getty has this image online for sale???

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The right shoe kinda looks blurry too. Look at it at full resolution.


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            ricky336 Adobe Community Professional

            I think in a shot like this, (perhaps) both shoes should be in sharp focus. I have submitted a couple of shots where the focus has dropped off, and it wasn't accepted due to not being sharp. Using depth of field and focus points needs to be done carefully. Make sure all the important elements are in focus. In this case, I think the shoes are important and therefore should be sharp. (However, it could also be only due to the right shoe not being sharp as pointed out).(Getty/istock are not so critical it seems. They accept almost anything, whereas Adobe are a lot more careful about everything as per their reasons for rejection. This is what I actually like about Adobe).