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    PS layers gone + file corrupted?


      I've been working on a multi folder file (I think it was around 1,5 GB?). It had lots of folders and layers and I had been working with it for 4-5 days. (I've also been using Adobe Premiere simultaneous (without PS files included) and Powerpoint).


      While working, my workstation (which is about 6 months old with 32 GB RAM, win 7 installed) got a blue screen, it was annoying but not that big of a deal as I'm sure all Adobe files where saved way before when it happened. My PSD filed had also been saved multiple times during the past days. While the blue screen happened I was editing some text in Powerpoint. The text was auto saved so I didn't loose anything.


      When I opened my Adobe file after I had restarted, this is what I saw. All folders and layers are gone and what I got is one background layer looking like problem in it's illustrated form. The file size is now 717 MB.
      I've tried using "save as" to another directory (saw someone mention that) but that didn't work. What else can I do to try to retrieve it?




      (I hope I posted this in the correct forum)