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    Removing lighting gradient from a JPG


      I am using Illustrator/Photoshop CS6.

      I found a texture pattern online that I really like online. It's a JPG image from an older iPhone background. The problem is that there's a light effect shining on the image. I'd like to back that out to just have the pattern. I've made various attempts with Adobe Illustrator to convert the image to vectors -- I thought maybe I could get it to just trace the lines by telling it there were only 3 colors in the image, but that didn't work out. So in Photoshop, I've tried a few different filters, but I haven't found one that essentially deletes a gradient overlay.

      Here's the image I'm wanting to cleanup:



      At the end of the day, I'd like a flat version of that graphic that I can tile. A vector render that I can scale would be even better. Any ideas?

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          SRM12345 Level 1

          Funny... I tried to select the specular highlight and then do Content-Aware delete. It didn't a good enough job, but I was surprised at how close it got!

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            rayek.elfin Level 4
            1. Duplicate the layer twice.
            2. Select the first copy. Filter-->Blur-->Average
            3. Select the second copy (top most layer). Filter-->Other-->High Pass
            4. Use a high setting. Play around with this value. (If you need it live, convert this layer to a smart object first - recommended)
            5. Change this layer's blend mode to Multiply
            6. Add a Levels or Curves to control the brightness
            7. Optional: select the first copied layer, and change the colour with a colour overlay effect for different coloured versions.