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    AEM6.3 Forms on JEE


      I am in the process of moving Livecycle ES4 XDB to AEM forms on JEE. As per Adobe documentation, following the recommended deployment topology, that is “Author is co-deployed with development Forms Workflows add-on on the same JEE (Jboss) server instance/cluster. Following the same deployment for “Processing” and the production Forms Workflows add-on and “Publish” is in standalone mode.


      My understanding is the AEM author server needs AEM Persistence(tarmk or MongoDB) and Form Workflow add-on server needs DB to store process data.


      Could someone help me in validating the below

      a)AEM forms on JEE - Author server(cluster): Can I use MySQL DB for both Author and  forms Workflow? Do I need any other persistence for any other purpose?

      b)AEM forms on JEE - Processing server(2 single instance instead of having cluster): Can I use separate Tarmk for AEM persistence and common MySQL database for both forms workflow add-on? Or should i have to use only Cluster in production instead 2 single instances?