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    Saving multiple layers in PS




      Am new to photoshop (have been using Lightroom) and have been working my way through various tutorials but am not sure of the correct way to save a photo.  Sometimes I can have 10 different layers to one photo before finishing them off in another programme.  Should I be merging all visible layers or flattening them before saving them as. a JPEG/Tiff/PSD?


      Would be really grateful for advice and help.




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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My recommendation is to keep the original file with the layers and save a copy of the file if you want a flattened version.  Saving as a jpeg will automatically flatten the layers since jpeg doesn't support layers.


          A way to have your cake and eat it too:

          Highlight all of the layers (on a copy -- be sure to save the original) and then Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E will keep all of the original layers and create a new flattened layer above the other layers in the layers panel.

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Catherine


            Always save a master copy and keep all the layers etc. Save this as a PSD (or TIFF).


            Then if you need a jpeg copy for example to send somewhere or post on the web use Export - Save for Web to export a copy of the file sized according to need.


            One final bit of advice - if you are building up a large document involving lots of work and layers then save incremental masters as you go e.g. filename_001.psd, filename_002.psd ....etc . These can get you out of a lot of trouble if you have a crash or realise you have made a big mistake along the way. You can always delete them and keep only the main master once you have finished.



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