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    Importing CR.2 file to Lightroom 6

    jacqueline jn61800188

      Hello all,


      I shot my images as 12mb CR.2 files.  The camera is a Canon 7d Mark 2.  Lightroom is 6.9.  When I import my images into Lightroom, I import as DNG.  I have the setting to build previews 1:1.


      Once the images come up in my library, after import the size is 5mb.  After I edit the image and the image is exported it is an even asmaller image size (I realize editing creates a smaller image size).


      My question is why are the images in Lightroom not the larger file?  What happen to the orginal file whern importing into Ligtroom?  If I go to the hard drive and see the orginal image file it is 12mb.