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    CS3 Photoshop with DNG from new Cameras (EOS6 work, Powershot G1X M2 not)


      I use Photoshop CS3 and the DNG Converter. All with the lates updates.


      The DNG, who are made from the EOS6 cr2 files, are woking fine on PS CS3, but the DNG who made from the Canon G1X cr2 are very distortet. special the witerange pictures.

      On win10, CC PS, and Canon Software the Pics are good.


      The lates Camera Raw in CS3 PS is 4.6.

      For the EOS 6 is 7.3 needed, for the G1X M2 the Version 8.5 is needed.

      But I thing the DNG converter change different RAW files to a universel DNG Files.


      Is it normal that it not work, or have I make any mistake?


      Could it be true that I have to buy a new Photoshop Version only to read the Files from the new Camera?