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    Suggested strategy for maintaining two versions of files where PSD/TIFF is different

    DBarman Level 1

      I have a scenario where I have an image that I want with and without text. I typically edit it in Photoshop via LR and end up with a PSD or TIFF file. I create a text layer in the PSD (say) and can turn it on or off. The text is more than a line of text, so LR text won't work.


      What I usually do is get my portrait without text looking good, then I save my PSD as a new file name (e.g., IMG_1234-wText.psd), bring the text in, and import that file. Now I have two separate images. I wish that I could do this almost like a virtual copy so that the second copy just has an additional photoshop layer turned on.


      I'm pretty sure that I can't do this but have to stick with my current process. Any other ideas? Thanks!