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    Datagrid - SUB-Elements - wont work

      Using Flex Builder 2 beta 3, and a datagrid control w/ an HTTPService to 'consume' a simple XML file.

      dataProvider="{feedRequest.lastResult.gartnerresearch.channel.report}" >
      any sub elements, such as <pubresid>, which is a sub-element under <publicationinfo> is NOT processed.
      The DatagridColumn property is set as: <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="pub dt" dataField="pubyear" />
      ( i tried a number of variations withou sucess ).

      Note: non sub-elements such as xRes do work fine.

      Is this a known limiation ? or something more ?

      thank you in advance

      XML extract:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      - <gartnerresearch>
      - <channel>
      <xmlfeedprovider>My Stuff Inc.</xmlfeedprovider>
      - <report>
      + <publicationinfo>
      - <pubdate>
      <pubclustername>Enterprise Communications Applications Worldwide</pubclustername>
      <pubclustername>Enterprise Network Infrastructure Worldwide</pubclustername>
      <pubclustername>Enterprise Networking and Communications</pubclustername>
      <puburl> http://www.myurl.com/DisplayDocument?bg=hmp&id=492313</puburl>
      - <authorinfo>
      - <author>
      - <author>
      - <author>