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    Black Screen on Load

    Dark Alchem

      I have created a Mobile Game in Adobe Animate CC and exported the app to my mobile device in debug mode using AIR with the Application. Upon opening my game on my Android Phone, sometimes it loads my game immediately. but then other times, it takes several minutes to load the game with my phone just sitting at a black screen. I'm sure it is some issues with optimization and I wanted to ask what could I do to optimize the game and maybe provide a preloader for the game? or just solve the issue in general as I'm sure this might be a quite common issue and was curious as to the causes.


      My code is currently in one file (for easy tracking for myself) and it's 3000 lines so far. I am using event listeners (currently I have about 9 within the code, including an enter frame). I am importing graphics and creating dynamic movie clips from the library.