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    Composition window "cut up" issue


      Hi there,


      I'm using a 2014 Mac Pro with Windows 10 installed on boot camp. When I run AE CC17 I experience a unique problem: the composition window image appears cut up.


      However if the resolution and size are settings are paired evenly [meaning 100% + full, 50%+half, 25%+quarter] the problem goes away.


      This problem does not occur on the same machine using CC14.


      I do not experience this problem when running CC17 on OSX on the same machine.


      The boot camp disc partition is quite small [90GB], could this be a factor?


      The graphics card drivers and Windows version are up to date.


      Here is a screen grab of the problem. it appears that the top portion of the picture is flipped and the bottom half is off set horizontally.


      Any help with this appreciated.


      many thanks.