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      since the latest app update I have had problems with lines "skipping" when I draw them.

      It does not occur with other apps (i.e. Not the pencil - and I have replaced the pencil tip)

      i have reinstalled the app but have had no luck.


      any thoughts?

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Cath,


          Could you please elaborate the term skipping?


          What do you mean by lines skipping when you draw?


          Also, please confirm me the version of the application that you are using along with the device information.




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            cathp15455885 Level 1

            Thanks Sheena


            I have attached a screen shot. The two lines with the red circles on them

            are what I mean.  I am drawing a continuous line but it skips a bit. I

            haven't altered the pressure with the pen and both the pressure and

            velocity dynamics are switched off.


            The app version is 4.1.1


            I am drawing on a iPad Pro 128gb with over 100 Gb free space



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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              HI Cath.


              I'm not seeing a screenshot, can you send it to me through the in-app feedback (in Draw tap Settings then Send Feedback)?


              Is the skipping happening with every brush/tool? Or just one of them?

              Is it happening with every line you draw? Are they fast strokes? Or slower ones?


              Thanks for your time with this.



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