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    Video Slowdown BIGTIME in Fullscreen

      Hey there,

      We have had a flash player for some time but there's something going on that's baffling...

      It seems that whenever we have smoothing turned on (video.smooth=), whenever our videos are played in full screen, which are all 30fps, they play at roughly 10fps for about 95% of our audience it seems

      But the odd thing is that if I right click on the video and go to settings, the video dims but it goes and plays at a near 30fps again..

      I have tried fullscreen with both hardware acceleration and without.
      I am using FP

      I get this same issue even if I simply just use a FLVPlayback component so it's a simple player.

      Here's an example. It's using AS2, but the FLVPlayback component's forward button is replaced with the fullscreen button (found this example online)...

      Anyhow, anyone by chance know what's going on? Why it's not playing nice and smooth. Flash Player 10 Beta seems to not have this issue, but that doesn't really help us righ now!!

      http://www.spundae.com/swf/flv_fullscreen_demo/flvplayback_fullscreen_demo.php?file=http:/ /us.gamespot.edgesuite.net/d4/gsc/2008/04/169_GTAIV_tv_om_mul_042508_700.flv

      (the player is honest on that domain but it's just an easier server for me to upload to...I work with CNET Networks GameSpot.com, so not using up anyone's bandwidth :) )

      Here's the video in our main player. I wanted to just give the barebones player as an example so it can't be said that maybe extra things within our player is causing the issue! OUr player is written completely in AS2.0 (we will be working to migrate to AS3.0 soon, though)