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    Illustrator script.

    savink783128 Level 1

      here I have already retrieved nonNativeItems,below that JSON data is there, using this JSON data again how to re create the nonNativeItems in illustrator.



      var page_details = { 

      "full_name": "C%3A%5CUsers%5CAdministrator%5CAppData%5CRoaming%5CSkype%5CMy%20Skype%20Received%20Files %5C324580-1.ai",

      "name": "324580-1.ai",

      "page_count": 1,

      "height": 15.0098402235243,

      "width": 10.3500027126736,

      "top": 15.0098402235243,

      "left": 0,

      "modification_on": "2017-07-04 09:55:51",

      "creation_on": "2017-07-04 09:55:36",

      "pages": [{

        "page_number": 1,

        "top": 15.0098402235243,

        "left": 0,

        "width": 10.3500027126736,

        "heigth": 15.0098402235243




      var selected_area = {

      "arrSelectedArea": {

        "noe": 3,

        "xpos": 9.01471625434028,

        "ypos": 13.7328694661458,

        "height": 12.6598239474826,

        "width": 0.86028374565972,

        "pageNo": 1,

        "preview": "selectionareaexportimage1"


      "arrCompoundPathItem": [



      "arrImageFrames": [



      "arrGraphItems": [



      "arrLegacyTextItems": [



      "arrMeshItems": [



      "arrNonNativeItems": [{

        "xpos": 0,

        "ypos": 0.53643120659722,

        "styleJSON": "{\"controlBounds\":\"[648.0595703125,951.1435546875,712,949.1435546875]\",\"editable\":t rue,\"geometricBounds\":\"[649.0595703125,950.1435546875,711,950.1435546875]\",\"hidden\" : false,\"left\":649.0595703125,\"locked\":false,\"name\":\"\",\"opacity\":100,\"position\" : \"[649.0595703125,950.1435546875]\",\"sliced\":false,\"top\":950.1435546875,\"typename\": \ "NonNativeItem\",\"visibilityVariable\":null,\"visibleBounds\":\"[649.0595703125,950.1435 5 46875,711,950.1435546875]\",\"wrapInside\":\"\",\"wrapped\":false,\"wrapOffset\":\"\",\"a r r_position\":0}",

        "height": 0,

        "width": 0.86028374565972,

        "index": null,

        "layer": "Layer 1",

        "layer_info": "{\"name\":\"Layer 1\",\"layerName\":\"Layer 1\",\"typename\":\"Layer\",\"opacity\":100,\"visible\":true,\"dimPlacedImages\":false}",

        "groupName": "",

        "arr_position": 0


      "arrPluginItems": [



      "arrRasterItems": [



      "arrShapes": [



      "arrSymbolItems": [



      "arrTextFrames": [



      "arrTextElements": [



      "arrGroups": [




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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

          What's your point exactly ?

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            Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

            This must be one small puzzle piece of a big riddle.

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              savink783128 Level 1

              yes,but how do I re create non native item in illustrator using above Json data,if anybody known please do reply

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                Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

                I ask myself, What are Non-Native items? I'm not sure as to what constitutes a definite description of all conditions which a non-native item meets, however, I did notice that these mysterious artifacts do make themselves present when one does ever place and embed a file which contains a gradient mesh. Although the scripting collection "Document.nonNativeItems" has no "add" method, they can be actually created within the document through importing a pre-made file, or creating a temporary file with the script. I couldn't find another method for creating these besides using a recorded action which uses the Expand menu item. This action recording is better than some other ones because it records the parameters, which is how you can guarantee that a gradient mesh is going to be produced.

                The attached snippet shows you how to create non-native items.

                It uses this kind of action to play the Expand command.


                2017-07-06 14_01_01-.png


                #target illustrator
                function test(){
                  if(app.documents.length == 0){
                    alert("You must open a document");
                  app.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevel.DONTDISPLAYALERTS; // turn off the alert boxes Illustrator produces
                  var dummyFile = File("C:\\Users\\You\\TryToMakeNonNative.ai"); // paste in your path to the temp file you'll be making
                  var dummyDoc = app.documents.add(); // make the new document
                  dummyDoc.pathItems.rectangle(0, 100, 200, -200); // add one rectangle path
                  dummyDoc.pathItems[0].filled = false; // set the path to have no fill
                  dummyDoc.pathItems[0].selected = true; // the path is now selected in Illustrator
                  dummyDoc.defaultFillColor = dummyDoc.swatches.getByName("White, Black").color; // the default stroke color is set to a gradient swatch
                  app.doScript("Action 2", "Test"); // execute an action which had been recorded to expand a gradient-filled shape to a Gradient Mesh. Actions can also be loaded and played via script.
                  var opts = new IllustratorSaveOptions(); // new save options, they may not be even necessary
                  dummyDoc.saveAs(dummyFile, opts); // save the document in the pre-specified file path
                  app.activeDocument.close(); // close the document that was just saved
                  var doc = app.activeDocument; // we are back to original document that was open
                  var testLayer = doc.layers.add(); // add a layer which can be later removed
                  var newPlaced = testLayer.placedItems.add(); // place the temp file into current document. Add a placed item and set its file to the previously defined file object.
                  newPlaced.file = dummyFile;
                  newPlaced.embed(); //embed the temp file to have the gradient mesh be interpreted as a non-native item.
                  var originalNonNative = doc.nonNativeItems[0]; // now we have a Non Native item to manipulate.
                  var newNonNative;
                  var yCoord = 50;
                  var xCoord = -80;
                  var width = 150;
                  var height = 100;
                  for(var i = 0;  i< 3;  i++){ // cycle through the amount of items you potentially want
                    newNonNative = originalNonNative.duplicate(doc.layers[1]); // create the non-native items using the duplicate function, send them to any layer. (except the test layer created by this script!)
                    newNonNative.top = yCoord -= 100;
                    newNonNative.left = xCoord += 175;
                    newNonNative.width = width;
                    newNonNative.height = height; // change any properties here
                  testLayer.remove(); // clean up original open document by removing the test layer