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    Legality Query's

    michaelbarker07 Level 1

      I am hoping you can clarify a couple of legal aspects regarding your software.

      This is regarding older versions of your software which is required to be run on older hardware which don’t require the last functionality and cost of the new hardware & products.

      The software in concern is Illustrator & Photoshop prior to CS1 when the activation process was implemented.

      My understanding is that when you purchase the software you are obtaining a licence from Adobe to use the software.

      I don’t think registration is mandatory unless you will need support and updates.

      If you were to register, then when it comes to pass the software and licence to another person then you should uninstall from all computers & de-register it from your name with Adobe.


      I am a little confused on the laws for people selling the full version of Adobe software on eBay.


      Illustrator 10

      For sale on eBay

      Seller states they have no idea if it has been registered with Adobe.

      Seller states it does not need to be de-registered as Adobe does not support software prior to CS


      Can you please clarify, is this seller correct and the licence travels with the physical media which has a genuine serial key?

      I am aware your web page for checking serial keys to make sure they are legal/legit is no longer available so it makes it harder to confirm to law.


      The last query is where people are selling full licences on eBay in which they supply a serial key and a download from your EOL server.

      Is this purely intended to be an option for people who legally have already bought the software but your activation servers are no longer working for this software?