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    Images Not Opening In Photoshop CC



      I'm sure this is something obvious I've missed but neither myself nor a colleague can work it out.

      I've downloaded the trial of PS cc to use while my license is being ordered.


      It will not open anything at all.


      I have tried using:

      File; Open

      File; Open With

      Dragging the image over

      Right clicking and selecting Open with Photoshop


      None of these do anything.

      There is no error message but the images do not appear, and if I show the navigator/layers etc they show nothing there.

      I have tried various different images.

      I am using a Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10.

      I've tried deselecting the Graphics Processor in Preferences/Performance

      I have tried removing the additional monitors but no change.

      I have restarted my machine.

      I've deleted my preferences.

      I even removed and reinstalled PS.


      Any ideas gratefully received.