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    PS still crashes even with Optimized Performance Settings and 1TB of Active Scratch Disk Space


      I was wondering if anyone can help me with Photoshop CC 2017. I have optimized all of the performance settings outlined here:

      Optimize performance Photoshop CC


      I currently have 1TB of free Scratch Disk Space.


      Basic PC Specs:

      Win 10 Pro

      Processor: i5-6420p

      Ram: 32GB

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX960


      We use JSX scripts to send artwork to printers. About an hour into the script (~600-750 files sent to the printers) Photoshop crashes. In task manager Photoshop looks to only be using a limited amount of CPU and 50-75% memory. We have to force close the program and restart it to get it running properly.


      Any advice would be great!