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    Linking to topics not in the current dynamic filter

    CletusQMaggot Level 1

      Hi all,


      We're redesigning our Web Help (long overdue) and we'd like to provide dynamic filtering, because this help is vast and covers a wide variety of topics.


      The filtering works great with one possible show-stopper: if you set a filter, and a link in a topic is to another topic that falls outside the filter, the link takes you to a blank page.


      I assume the blank page is configurable, but we'd like to figure out how to let them jump to content in the same project that might be related to what they're reading but doesn't quite fall into the selected filter.


      For example, a topic could be part of the Getting Started filter, Daily Operations filter, and Administration filter. The links in there could take them quickly to content that's not in the selected filter.  Does that make sense?


      The only thing I can think to do is replace all the relative paths in each project with absolute URLs, but that would be a nightmare.


      Can anyone think of a workaround?