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    Audio stops playing

    St._Mark Level 1
      After an edit of a Captivate movie, the sound suddenly doesn't play any more after slide 22. In the Edit mode, the audio is still there, both graphically, and it plays on the individual slide. But not as the movie progresses. Help?????
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          lmarden Level 2

          Hi St. Mark - I have the same problem - let me give a few more details, we might have something in common.

          1. I am on the .1418.1418 version of Captivate.
          2. I use a Dell D810 Latitude laptop with 1GB RAM and plenty of available disk space.
          3. I use a LogiTec USB port microphone / headset combo.

          The audio records amazingly well - even better than via the analog plug, which I tried at the beginning and gave up on. As I preview each slide in my 52 slide series - and more than a few of them have no audio at all - all is well. I hear all audio in slingle slide preview and in 5-slide preview just fine. However, when I publish and create a standalone .exe, and play the file, the audio starts out just fine, and then cuts out to dead silence somewhere along the way. On one try, it died after 6 or so slides. On another, it made it almost to the end - around slide 47 it cut out. I can still hear keystroke sounds, just none of my own lovely voice. Maybe the laptop is getting sick of hearing me yammer ??

          It feels like a RAM or conflict issue - so I even tried this - I saved the project, closed everything down (I typically only have Outlook open with Captivate), rebooted, then published to the .exe file, then closed Captivate, rebooted again, and ran the file. That's the time it allllllmost made it.

          Should I expect varying levels of success on my client's machine based on their RAM? Not cool - because my clients are school systems and municipalities, who don't always have great system specs.
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            I have exactly the same problem. Does anybody have a solution? Oh, and my recorded audio actually came back on at the end of the 121 slide file.
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              lmarden Level 2
              I was able to publish an .exe file this weekend that played successfully through, all 52 slides. Whew. I went to the slides that seemed to be the choke point and edited them down a bit - pared out some content, rerecorded some. I don't know whether the edits did the trick, or that the total amount of audio was a little less than before, whatever. But now the file is going through review with some folks here at the office, so I am sure to hear if it cuts out on them. I have one of the beefier computers here so I wouldn't be surprised to hear of problems.

              Will keep you posted.