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    Edits Missing after loading backup catalog


      A few weeks back I did a factory reset of my laptop. All of my photos were saved to my laptop, so I moved the files, via drag and drop, to my external hard drive. I then backed up and saved the catalog to my external hard drive as well. Got the laptop going again and booted up lightroom and saved the catalog back on to the computer. From there I then moved all the files from the external hard drive back to my laptop, via Lightroom again. Everything seemed fine, my edits were there and everything. I go to look at them again today and now I'm having a problem. My photo files still all match-up with the Lightroom files, there's no missing icons popping up, and when I hover over a photo, the thumbnail preview still has my edits, but when I click on the image it's like the edit goes away, and I'm left with just the raw image file. What's weird is that in the history bar on the left, all of my edits are still shown, but when I click on an item in the history it doesn't change the sliders. There's also the little icon in the bottom right of the thumbnail that says "Photo has Development adjustments." So it seems like the catalog or lightroom knows this photo is edited but the edits aren't displaying.


      I've also noticed that my dehaze slider seems to have disappeared. I really have no idea what's going. Any help would be appreciated, I really don't want to lose my photos. Thank you.