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    Ram fills to point where app pauses when freezing Rotobrush?

    JordanLloyd Level 1

      When attempting to freeze a rotobrush pass, my system ram fills to 100% and causes OSX to "pause" After Effects thus stopping it from running. I have 96GB of ram, and this is the latest AE build, running on 10.12.


      Shouldn't AE purge itself or something along the way to prevent this from happening? Currently I can only really keep it going by manually purging the limited amount of ram held in cache via 'sugo Purge' in a Terminal window.


      This particular clip is 4K which is probably testing the limit of the software, but I definitely don't think it should behave this way?


      Has anyone run into this and found another workaround, other than the obvious known common rotobrush workarounds?