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    Reference Glossary

    cassandran41686996 Level 1

      I need my glossary to be accessed throughout the presentation without clicking on the control panel itself. I have already inserted a glossary slide, however this doesn't serve the functionality that I initially thought it would.


      Ideally, I would like to have a quick-link on the bottom right of the screen next to attachments and close captioning, which would pull up the glossary in a similar pop-up box. Is this a possibility?

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          cassandran41686996 Level 1

          flyingj481? are you able to advise on this one?

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Using the glossary interaction, this isn't possible. That is just a Flash object on a single slide.


            You could add a link on each slide that would go back to the glossary slide, but Presenter doesn't have an option to make the navigation go back to the last slide the user was on, so they would have to manually navigate back to the slide they came from. Captivate does have an option to 'Go to the slide last visited' upon slide exit, so you could look to use Captivate for that instead.


            I suppose there is the option to customize the Presenter playbar to add something like what you are looking for, but no one has endeavored on that for many years. This is usually because switching to Captivate solves most needs and is cheaper/faster than custom development work.


            My motto for the two products has always been, Use Presenter if you can, use Captivate if you can't. Meaning that Presenter is a great tool with the ability to quickly and easily create eLearning content. However, simplicity comes with a price, and Presenter doesn't have a lot of flexibility beyond it's core functions. Switching to Captivate will be 80% the same features, but in a format that is exclusively Adobe, so there is more flexibility. Captivate is not as good at working with PPT content, but sometimes the additional features and flexibility are needed.

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