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    Is LiveCycle Workbench the right product for us?


      We consult a multi-national organization which now requires a new Web Portal application to manage a procedure which has until now been handled manually using a PDF form (XFA).

      The form can be viewed here:


      Click "AFTO 22" to view it.


      We need to be able to enter data online into this form and also be able to read data from it dynamically. In other words we need to allow communications between the form and our corporate database (a SQL Server 2008 R2 database).

      We thought about using LiveCycle Workbench, but do not know whether this is the right solution.

      We'd like to consult with you about finding the right solution, and possibly have direct help in developing this project (which requires also the handling of digital signatures).


      We'd appreciate any help from you (as calling Adobe Support is practically impossible).