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    custom component based on custom component?

      I have a custom MXML component (let's call it "Dad") that is based on Canvas.
      Dad has a private property (_myNum) that stores a number.

      I'm now trying to create another custom MXML component that extends the functionality of Dad (let's call it "Son").
      Son is going to do lots of cool stuff that Dad can't do, but I want Son to be able to access _myNum, just like Dad.

      In some of my functions, I have statements like:
      if ( _myNum > 5 ) { ... }
      but that gives me "Access of undefined property _imageArray"

      I would have thought that by using <Dad> </Dad> as the root tags of Son.mxml, that I would have had inhernt access to all of its properties, even the private ones.

      Am I mistaken? How would I go about doing this? Being that it's completely private (no setter), is there any way to do this without declaring a _myNum for Son?