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    Section# / xref questions

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      I'm writing a music book in CC2017 in which there are multiple chapters.


      In each chapter is a series of exercises denoted with

      Exercise 1

      Exercise 2



      I have these defined with Exercise as the prefix in the section/numbering dialog. I have setup a specific paragraph style I call "Exercise n". This seems to work fine but...


      I want the exercises to continue to increment even in new chapters but it seems that they are resetting to 1 in each chapter.


      Also, I'm a bit confused with the groupbox that seemingly is tying the page number together with the section. I want page # to be separate from section because I have multiple Exercises on each page.


      Additionally, even though I check the Include Prefix When Numbering Pages option, I do not get the "Exercise 1" prefix/number in the TOC.


      Regarding xref, i have found that if I cut/paste text containing references, it seems to break the xref relationship and the items do not update properly after that.


      With my previous books, I used Virginia Systems inseq for the numbering and xref and this worked really well but I no longer have the plugins and I can no longer load the earlier versions of my books because of this so It's made me realize that having dependencies on plugins might not be a great idea...So if I can achieve the functionality I want with built-in functionality it would be better.