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    4k iphone footage extreme frame drop


      Hey guys,


      I have a newbie question.


      Before I ask I'd like to say - I really looked for an answer but there are tons of threads about that but not specifically THIS ONE.



      Is it normal that I get this HuGE frame drop when editing iPhone 7 plus 4k 100mbps 24fps footage?

      I mean you cant actually do anything.

      Even when I set the preview to 1/2 or 1/4.

      It's ok for about 1-2 secs and then it goes laggy as hell...


      So before I drown in all setting-up/tuning/tweaking threads maybe someone can just tell me:


      Is it normal?



      My specs are


      Geforce GTX 970

      32mb ram

      1x ssd

      2x sshd

      Windows 10 64

      Premiere Pro CC



      I know it's not the best workstation on the planet but it seems pretty decent.

      Is proxy the only way for me or should I get better results from this machine?


      Thanks for your help in advance.