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    Syncing issue


      Dear community,

      I am probably not the first with this question, but I didn't found an answer.

      I was a former lightroom 5.7 user on a Windows computer, having (smart?) previews on my pictures when importing them, all at the same place, in several folders.

      In order to organize my work, I subscribed today to the CC world, upgraded my desktop, installed lightroom and ps on my macbook air and on my iphone... But now... I am blocked... I'd like to have only the previews synced to the mac airbook and iphone (due to memory), but don't know how to get there.

      I'd like to be able to perform corrections on the previews, and afterwards export the raw images with corrections on my desktop, where ever the corrections have been done (mac, airbook, ...).

      Many thanks in advance!!!

      Kindly, Laurent

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          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

          It's not clear what you mean by now you are blocked? Do you mean that you can't open your Lightroom catalog on your MacBook Air?

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            eldehenl69458703 Level 1

            Well currently everything is on the desktop, nothing on airbook and iPhone. I would like to sync only some live previews from the desktop to the other systems but don't know where to start... many thanks in advance!

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              cmgap Adobe Community Professional

              Okay - I think I understand... you had Lr running on a Windows computer. Updated to a MB Air. You want to share images in your Lr CC catalog from your MB Air across all devices. Does that sum it up?


              Here is how you start.


              Download Lightroom Mobile on your iPhone - it's free and available from the app store.


              In your Lr CC catalog on your MB Air > sign-in to Lr Mobile under your name in the upper left most corner > Select any group of images and Create a Collection > in the left-most side of the column tap the sync icon to sync that collection. Lr will create smart previews of the images in the collection and sync them to Lr Mobile.


              On your phone > open Lr mobile app > sign in. You will see the photos in your collection and you can continue to work on your images in Lr Mobile. Select a photo and make an obvious edit... change it to B&W. Then go to Lr CC on your MB Air and see the changes that you made once Lr finishing sync'ing.

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                eldehenl69458703 Level 1

                The setup was almost righ, but the catalog thing did it thank you so much!

                For correct setup I will simplify :

                imagine only a desktop with lightroom cc

                with 1000s of pictures

                then buy an airbook and an iPhone and you want to work on your pictures on these systems too...

                collections seem to work

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                  cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                  Good to get you started anyway. Ideally you would share your Lr CC catalog on both desktop and laptop and use mobile for smart phone and tablet devices. Glad to hear that collections are helping  you on your way.