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    Can two Adobe Stock members use their licensed images for the same website

    georgiana veronb98562403

      Hello everyone,


      I have a situation and I hope you can help me. I tried to find a similar answer here on the forum with no success. The situation is like this:


      I am building an website with my partner. Both of us had membership on Adobe Stock and we licensed some images on each account (standard licences). Before launching the website we are planning to create a limited company where one of us will be the shareholder (100%) and the other one will be the Director. The Director will not have any shares in this company but the website domain is in his name.



      1. Can we use on this website images licensed on both accounts?

      If not:

      1.1. Can the owner of this new company use his licensed images if the images were licensed in his personal name?

      1.2. If the Director will be a shareholder as well, can we both use the images on this website?


      2. I licensed an image with two individuals in it and I am wondering if for the images where you can clearly see people faces is enough the standard license?


      I know the above might sound a bit odd, but we just want to make sure we'll use the images in a correct / legal way.