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    Comps auto adjustable  by time duration

    ti.s.cavalcanti Level 1

      I have 10 comps with a media in the main comp, the pattern of duration of this pre-comps is 30 secs, but sometimes the media can variate and have less of 30 secs,

      12 secs for example.

      I want that Ae found a way of keep all pre-comps together, arranging one by one after another, without separation of time

      Think that this should be done by index number, because I will change the media of comps dynamically, so want the #1 index number of each comp to avoid problems.


      For example:

      1st comp 0:12

      2nd comp 0:30

      3rd comp 0:30


      Main comp show something like this:

      1st comp 0:00 - 0:12

      2nd comp 0:12 - 0:42

      3rd comp 0:42 - 1:12