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    Creating crop marks and fold lines in PS


      OK OK so I know this isn't standard practice BUT I don't understand why photoshop can't do it.


      I have a wedding album that I have designed in 14x10in format. After I've finished I increase the canvas size by 20mm (yes i just flipped from in to mm)  and created guides, new layer, marqueed the appropriate selection in the corners and edit>stroke @ 1pt to make crop marks on the centre of those guides. It looks ok and accurate.


      My album finisher has requested that I also have fold lines in the middle of the double page spread so that they can score accurately and not guess where I have made the centre line and balanced photos on either side.


      When I create a centre guide and then using the single row marquee at 1pt the line is always slightly on the left. I have over come this by using the marquee box and selecting half of the image with a stroke of 1.5pt. My question is, is there a way to get this on the middle of that guide? Even at a weight of 2pt