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    How to apply light only to a certain 3D text?!



      I've been wondering how I can apply a light to a 3D text in Element 3D.




      There is one light which is making the earth brighter on the right side.

      But I want to light 3D text also with a light which is in front of that.

      I tried different things like Spotlight and environment and stuff but that didn't work

      properly because it was giving light to the earth and that is not what I am trying to do.


      My goal is it to have a light which is only applied to the 3D text.

      I also tried to make an undercomposition but then the 3D text wouldn't even show up.

      (Under-Comp: light, element, background)


      I know that there is no way to make a light to a certain adjustment layer but can you guys help me out?

      I don't know how to make the 3D text more bright. How to create a light which is only affecting the 3D text!